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breast worship and humiliationBuy from M1stressX through Niteflirt.comBreast Worship and Verbal Abuse You’re pathetic for a women and for a pair of perfect breasts you just can’t help yourself, you are weak and a loser and open your wallet to please them, you can’t help it you need Me so bad… You want Me SO bad. I will abuse you as you watch me tease you and you WILL LIKE IT. $6.99 M1stressX www.mistressx.co.uk
hypnosis audioBuy from M1stressX through Niteflirt.comChained: 7 Hypnosis videos. My ‘Chained’ series. 45 minutes of Hypnotic Mindfuckery Femdom, Findom and home wrecking. Warning: This clip will make you seriously addicted to me, and to pleasing me in every way you can. Contains subliminal mindfuck, $39.99 M1stressX www.mistressx.co.uk
homewrecking ass worshipBuy from M1stressX through Niteflirt.comHomewrecking Ass Worship Worship my perfect ass and body, I can be EVERYTHING your wife can’t. $5.99 M1stressX www.mistressx.co.uk
forced bi task Buy from M1stressX through Niteflirt.comForced Bi Task Buy my task and succumb to your faggot ways. This task contains 3 steps. $4.99 M1stressX www.mistressx.co.uk
PimpingYouOut150x150Pimping You Out An 8 minute audio story of me pimping you out for your tremendous skills at receiving and ingestion of the seed of men. Because this is what you were always meant to do. $10.00 Pamela347, Pamela347.com
ridemycocktastemycock150x150Ride My Cock, Taste My Cock An 8 minute audio story from my perspective of you being a good girl, bouncing up and down, riding my cock. $10.00 Pamela347, Pamela347.com
http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-retro-microphone-vintage-silver-white-background-image31315218Sliding My Strapon Into You An 8 minute audio story told from my perspective of the first time I have you as my girl while I slide my strapon deep inside of you. $10.00 Pamela347, Pamela347.com
EmmaSPHcoverBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comThis is a five-part series encompassing one extended session with Dr. Emma. Each part has one photograph (each one increasingly graphic) of Dr. Emma demonstrating the need for and action of a REAL cock, and an approximate two minute mp3 of Dr. Emma’s therapeutic voice leading you along the path of your humiliation. Part 1 $1.00 Emmalouise www.YourDarkestSecrets.com
EmmaGBPSIBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comIf discussion of your penis size in an inherently humiliating situation arouses you, then this is the audio for you. You’ve come to see your therapist, Dr. Emma, who today must ask your penis size–and she will repeat the question in various wordings until you answer. $15.00 Emmalouise www.YourDarkestSecrets.com
emma83inviteBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comIn this sultry monologue, I point out to you, Richard, that your wife and my husband, her boss, are having some hot late hours at the office, and I invite you, with my husband’s knowledge and assent, to have dinner with me … and more … after all, why should THEY have all the fun? $15.00 Emmalouise www.YourDarkestSecrets.com
EmmaGBTTBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.comI have you where I want you–blindfolded, naked, and instructed not to touch me–as I play a game of increasingly sensual, teasing touch with your body. How long will you last before you change the game? How long can I prolong the tease? This audio, with a photo of me in just stockings, is 19 minutes of sensual delight. $20.00 Emmalouise www.YourDarkestSecrets.com
Mommy Emma AudioOver the course of 30 minutes, your girlfriend convinces you it’s time for diapers 24/7, changes you, and puts you to bed with a bottle and a lullaby–you’re her baby forever now! An ABDL dream come true. $30.00 Mommy Emma, www.PhoneSexABDL.com

cfnmstorysquareBuy from EliteDomme through Niteflirt.comA more detailed and explicit version of my original CFNM story, “Drive-thu Drew”. Includes male nudity, public masturbation, cocktease imagery, orgasm control and light humiliation. $20.00 Mistress June, www.EliteDomme.com
chastityaudioBuy from EliteDomme through Niteflirt.comAn erotic chastity recording for hardcore chastity slaves who hope to wear my cage. Includes discussion of sacrifice and serving me and wearing my chastity cage while training be a better submissive slave. $30.00 Mistress June, www.EliteDomme.com
Buy from EliteDomme through Niteflirt.comAn explicit ass worship audio. An essential audio for any of you hoping to be my slave. This is 9 – 10 minutes of guided ass worship. $30.00 Mistress June, www.EliteDomme.com
Buy from EliteDomme through Niteflirt.comA 6 to 7 minute cocksucking audio from Mistress June. For sissies and submissive men. Some humiliation and some cock-worship. 20.00 Mistress June, www.EliteDomme.com
cuckoldedbyyourex-girlfriend150I know you think about your ex-girlfriend fucking other guys. I bet she really did cuckold you and you didn’t even know you were eating up that hot creampie. Too bad she didn’t tell you because you could have been fluffing up that BIG COCK for her! Listen! $6.99 Cuckolding Princess, CuckoldingSluts.com
coercedtosuckjockcock150Guess what? Your old college buddy called me the other day. You told me that you weren’t into sucking cock, but he had another story for me. He laughed about how you worshiped him so much that you wanted to be him and you even sucked his dick! Your forced-bi secret is out, blackmailed bitch! $6.99 Cuckolding Princess, CuckoldingSluts.com
choresbeforecocksucking150I know as a cuckold that sucking dick is a reward for you, but remember sissy cuckold, you MUST do chores for me before I give you that reward that you desire the most in life. I want everything perfect for when My boyfriend comes over so listen to everything I want you to do then get your cum guzzling reward! $7.00 Cuckolding Princess, CuckoldingSluts.com
8stepsofcuckoldingbannerThere are 8 steps of cuckolding and you are about to find out about every juicy step. Each mp3 in this package is normally $8.99 a piece, but you can get the whole set here for $35.00 Cuckolding Princess, CuckoldingSluts.com
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AStitspicBuy from AsianSweetie through Niteflirt.comTopless pictures of submissive sex freak and geek Tala. $6.00 Asian Sweetie www.AsianSweetie.org
ASasspicBuy from AsianSweetie through Niteflirt.comPictures of my sweet ass. $6.00 Asian Sweetie www.AsianSweetie.org
ASpussypicsBuy from AsianSweetie through Niteflirt.comPictures of my even sweeter pussy. $7.00 Asian Sweetie www.AsianSweetie.org
assworship-thumb150Buy from MistressDakota through Niteflirt.comSix beautiful photos of my ass in hot lingerie. In one photo, I am pulling my panties to the side to tease you. $10.00 Mistress Dakota www.MistressDakota.com
barebreasteddakota150Buy from MistressDakota through Niteflirt.comFive gorgeous topless photos of Mistress Dakota for you to worship. $10.00 Mistress Dakota www.MistressDakota.com
dakotalegs150Buy from MistressDakota through Niteflirt.comFive photos of my gorgeous smooth bare legs for you leg fetish, foot fetish, and Goddess worship guys. As an added bonus, I am topless in two of the pics. $6.00 Mistress Dakota www.MistressDakota.com
blackdressthumb150Buy from MistressDakota through Niteflirt.comSix pictures of Mistress Dakota in a crazy hot black dress with black stockings and red heels. $8.00 Mistress Dakota www.MistressDakota.com
viddeepsurrealBuy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com Surreal deep Puppet Conditioning and Brainwashing Slideshow with multiple layers of audio suggestions to get deep into your mind. The perfect mindfuck and conditioning clip for ALL Of my Puppets. Succumb and Surrender to your satanic Goddess – buy it now! $11.99 Goddess Bella Donna digitalfetishgoodies4sale.com
pantyhosepupBuy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.comCome deeper into my Pantyhose World little Puppet and succumb to your Goddess. This is a multi-media package. $15.99 Goddess Bella Donna digitalfetishgoodies4sale.com
smokerobotBuy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com Welcome Smoke Robot to the Activation Center. Have a seat, focus on the Console in front of you and obey your Goddess (Prime Unit) as I instruct and program you to activate your “Pleasure Centers”, your “Fist to cock” Function and finally your “Cum Function”. You must watch, listen and obey. Format WMV, Length 16 min. Size 1280X720 HD $19.99 Goddess Bella Donna digitalfetishgoodies4sale.com
andthetruthBuy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com Your satanic Mistress shows you the error of your previous ways and helps you to see just what an idiot you have been all these years following the Christian religion like a sheep. Mind reprogramming is the first step in giving you the freedom you need to serve me! Oh and you might want to have some lube ready! $16.66 Goddess Bella Donna digitalfetishgoodies4sale.com

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