Jun 192015

m1stressx dommeMistressX

Today is your lucky day.

You have stumbled upon perfection, and you guess it, perfection is far from cheap.

I am the definition of true beauty. I am 100% English and my attitude and temper are here to prove it.

My beauty is breath-taking my power intoxicating and your desire to serve me is real. It’s time for you to give in to your desires and serve your ONE true English Mistress.The time is now loser – kneel before your superior and offer your wallet. After all it is the only way you’ll ever be able to please me.


11-13_pippa-lily-013-webI am an educated beautiful women who works as a professional model and Domination/Fetish work. I am studying a Fine Art degree from September 2015. I earn my own money and the only person I depend on is ME. You are my fun and the reason I take from you is because I can and you get off in opening your wallet for me and I get turned on by the entitlement of taking it from you.

You found yourself here on my profile because you were lured by my perfection, my dominating aura and my beauty.

I give you permission to contact me.

Come crawling on your knees with your wallet open.


e7151120bc60994fecec9ea98bb1f5e2_1024I love games and have many on Niteflirt you can purchase. I also have plenty of mind fuck manipulation hypnosis videos. Watch to get addicted to my voice and beauty. I will wrap my mental chains around your mind and soul.

Website: http://www.mistressx.co.uk
Niteflirt: https://www.niteflirt.com/M1stressX
Twitter: @M1stressx



Feb 032015

strapon play phone sexI love Strapon Play. I am a naturally dominant woman and always have been as an adult. Strapon Play between me and a sub is a great tangible way for us to have a power exchange. The role reversal of the conventional can be intoxicating. Seducing a man with my Strapon cock, making him physically and emotionally weak, vulnerable, so that he craves the Strapon enough to do anything to serve his Mistress is an aphrodisiac to me.

As a Mistress having that influence and capacity to manipulate my sub is what it is all about. Finding your vulnerabilities, and as your Mistress being able to both exploit and nurture them at the same time. Once you are worshipping my Strapon, and following my lead, I am confident I can guide you to a deeper level of submission in other ways. Ways, you may not have even considered yet, even in the recesses of your mind.

Because of my real life experience as a Mistress with Strapon Play, it is an easy topic for me to converse about. You can access my Audio Clips available HERE. Do you want to think about me sliding my strapon into you? Does the idea of me taking control and using you like a girl, while on you are on your back, for my own entertainment, pleasure and fulfillment, excite you? Or how you could ride my Strapon? Where you bounce up and down on my cock, giving me a show, to demonstrate what a slut you are, for me. Does that speak to you?

femdom mistress phone sexPerhaps you want to talk with me LIVE, indulging in your need for Strapon play? You can call to tell me about your experiences or hear about mine. Or, maybe we can create some together while we chat. That can happen today. Do I have your attention? Are you curious? Are you aroused? Feeling needful? Do you want to; need to serve a Mistress with a Strapon? Do you crave fulfillment of your submission? Call me 1(855) 9 Pamela (1-855-972-6352) today. You can also visit my website at www.pamela347.com to learn more about me and my contact details.

Jan 202015


And what makes it special?

To begin with, it’s a bit of a misnomer. Though it sounds like something you only get to peek at, in reality when you use your NiteFlirt account to buy a Pay-to-View, you’ve paid for a nice selection of options. If you don’t want anything naughty showing up on your laptop, tablet, or phone, your purchase remains available to view or listen to through NiteFlirt’s own “viewer” on your account. Sign in whenever you like and there it is, waiting for you.

Prefer to have your favorite Flirt’s assets at your fingertips? You simply download your purchase (and it remains available for future downloads) to keep!

nestedenvelopes300Of course all the major phone sex sites have stores that sell items. What sets the NiteFlirt Pay-to-Views apart is that they can be nested one inside another. This is the source of an enormous wealth of creativity on the part of your favorite phone sex goddesses! The ability to put one or more Pay-to-View button inside another means . . .

  • stories told in stages with corresponding pictures–escalating titillation!
  • teases where you are given a series of instructions and rewards or punishments by your Mistress;
  • games limited only by the imaginations of their creators (well, and the NiteFlirt rules against games of chance);
  • and in the world of financial domination, that delicious point of indecision–will you click the next button and give your Goddess the money She demands? And the next one? And the next . . . ?

The ability to put one or more Pay-to-View buttons inside an email, and in subsequent emails, makes this form of sexy purchase highly interactive. Watch for more of them here and add to your erotic fun!

Dec 202014

erotic audiosA good friend gave me a great domain name. A few goody bag audios here, a friend who needed a private password-protected page there, a background that caught my eye while image-hunting, a few creative ideas that wouldn’t shut up in my mind at bedtime, and before long PTVStore.com was born.

Some of my motivation was driven by the immense amount of creativity going into Niteflirt “Goodies,” yet only seen by the very few people who are actual Niteflirt members. There are a lot of video clip websites out there, and uncounted sources of just plain copulating porn, but not so many that feature truly creative works in other media by talented amateurs.

erotic audiosBut Niteflirt isn’t the only place nurturing creative talent, and this site is open to erotic artists and phone sex operators who sell their creative works on other platforms as well. My goal is increased exposure, especially for phone sex operators, for the content we create as an aspect of our erotic hobby or livelihood, as the case may be.

I’d like to keep the outer appearance a little PG-13. To some extent, I believe this may attract a more discerning buyer, one who is looking for something different. All he has to do is go to xhamster or even Twitter for more vulgar, in-your-face pornography than he can even begin to absorb in an evening. Fetish Phone Sex ClipsI want to show him the creative, intelligent heart of the erotic artist, the erotic phone sex operator. Once he’s obtained your photoset, audio, video, game, story, etc, it may be raunchy as can be–but he won’t be overwhelmed by competing porn shots to find it!

I hope that’s the right approach, and it comes from my deep faith in the intelligence, style, and creativity of the ladies (and some guys!) who rock phone sex. I hope you’ll enjoy it here!


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