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I put this website together as a way to promote my content and that of friends. Of course it will be more successful if other phone sex operators have stuff on it too! So I want to make it open to others . . . without making myself crazy with extra work, or getting myself in trouble breaking someone’s rules somewhere. So I’ve got guidelines.

If you would like to promote your erotic content here, read through the following and if you agree to it, send me an email with the items listed at the end. Submitting an email to me means you agree to my terms here.

  • Content can be in any format you are selling it in. Check the categories on the site and be sure to tell me which category each article of content you send me belongs to. If an item is a set of photos and an audio, for instance, it can be placed in both Photos and Audios.
  • You must have it hosted for sale somewhere with a direct link to purchase the item. Niteflirt goodies and PTV’s, store items on AdultPhonePal, MyPhoneSite, and TalkToMe are examples. You may not violate the terms of another website by promoting your items here. If you make direct sales on your own website using your own credit card processor, you can promote your items here–but not if you accept Paypal, Green Dot, Amazon Gift Credit, or other types of payment that could get you (and me) in trouble if reported.
  • Items are limited to twelve (12) per character in each category. Pick your best ones! You can rotate them every three months.
  • You permit me to put my affiliate codes on links where applicable.
  • No child pornography or underage content–duh. I may ask for 2257 information if there’s doubt.
  • Cover images need to meet Niteflirt listing nudity standards–it just makes things easier. On the other hand  . . .
  • This website is NOT Niteflirt-compliant! Don’t link TO it from your Niteflirt listing or a website your Niteflirt listing links to.
  • Please, no Skype or Yahoo, etc, ID’s unless they are a small part of an otherwise creative work.
  • I reserve the right to refuse submissions for any reason.

Extra things:

Front page “Featured” Placement: I will put up to four (4) of your items on the front page at any one time in return for one blog post, 350 to 500 words long, relevant in some way to clips, pay-to-views, erotic art, etc. You can talk about your own stuff there and include links if you’d like (you can use your own affiliate codes in your blog posts). I reserve the right to edit for clarity and keyword placement. You can provide photos for your blog post or I’ll add relevant ones for you–I’ve got a massive image library. Of course I’ll link to your website, phone sex listing, whatever you’d like to promote with your blog post.

I haven’t decided yet how long one blog post keeps your four spots on the front page, but I will try to be fair and generous about it.

I will occasionally rotate the items on the front page so everyone who has earned a spot on the front page rises to the top equally.

Private Membership Pages: If you would like a password protected page for your content, let me know. I’m working on figuring out how to let you have access to just your page. Because of the extra work for me, I will probably charge something for this.

What I need from you for each item:

  • The link to your sale item
  • Tell me what category it is–audio, photos, video, etc, or combination
  • A 150 x 150 jpg, gif, or png photo representing your item
  • A brief description, no more than 60 words and preferably less
  • The item price
  • Your name as your customers might search for it
  • Your website or listing URL

Email to!

Would you like to promote Here is a sample image I can send you. I have protected everything on this site from right-click downloading, but please feel free to email me ( and let me know what dimensions you would like–it’s a perfect square and the original is 400px by 400px. I’ll then send you a jpg of it sized for your use.


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