Dec 202014

erotic audiosA good friend gave me a great domain name. A few goody bag audios here, a friend who needed a private password-protected page there, a background that caught my eye while image-hunting, a few creative ideas that wouldn’t shut up in my mind at bedtime, and before long was born.

Some of my motivation was driven by the immense amount of creativity going into Niteflirt “Goodies,” yet only seen by the very few people who are actual Niteflirt members. There are a lot of video clip websites out there, and uncounted sources of just plain copulating porn, but not so many that feature truly creative works in other media by talented amateurs.

erotic audiosBut Niteflirt isn’t the only place nurturing creative talent, and this site is open to erotic artists and phone sex operators who sell their creative works on other platforms as well. My goal is increased exposure, especially for phone sex operators, for the content we create as an aspect of our erotic hobby or livelihood, as the case may be.

I’d like to keep the outer appearance a little PG-13. To some extent, I believe this may attract a more discerning buyer, one who is looking for something different. All he has to do is go to xhamster or even Twitter for more vulgar, in-your-face pornography than he can even begin to absorb in an evening. Fetish Phone Sex ClipsI want to show him the creative, intelligent heart of the erotic artist, the erotic phone sex operator. Once he’s obtained your photoset, audio, video, game, story, etc, it may be raunchy as can be–but he won’t be overwhelmed by competing porn shots to find it!

I hope that’s the right approach, and it comes from my deep faith in the intelligence, style, and creativity of the ladies (and some guys!) who rock phone sex. I hope you’ll enjoy it here!


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