Jan 202015


And what makes it special?

To begin with, it’s a bit of a misnomer. Though it sounds like something you only get to peek at, in reality when you use your NiteFlirt account to buy a Pay-to-View, you’ve paid for a nice selection of options. If you don’t want anything naughty showing up on your laptop, tablet, or phone, your purchase remains available to view or listen to through NiteFlirt’s own “viewer” on your account. Sign in whenever you like and there it is, waiting for you.

Prefer to have your favorite Flirt’s assets at your fingertips? You simply download your purchase (and it remains available for future downloads) to keep!

nestedenvelopes300Of course all the major phone sex sites have stores that sell items. What sets the NiteFlirt Pay-to-Views apart is that they can be nested one inside another. This is the source of an enormous wealth of creativity on the part of your favorite phone sex goddesses! The ability to put one or more Pay-to-View button inside another means . . .

  • stories told in stages with corresponding pictures–escalating titillation!
  • teases where you are given a series of instructions and rewards or punishments by your Mistress;
  • games limited only by the imaginations of their creators (well, and the NiteFlirt rules against games of chance);
  • and in the world of financial domination, that delicious point of indecision–will you click the next button and give your Goddess the money She demands? And the next one? And the next . . . ?

The ability to put one or more Pay-to-View buttons inside an email, and in subsequent emails, makes this form of sexy purchase highly interactive. Watch for more of them here and add to your erotic fun!

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